In addition to a vast catalog of cover songs, LeCompt has many original releases featuring crowd favorites such as "Stranded", "Gypsy Heart", "Louisiana Wind" and more. Many original songs are available for download on iTunes. Look for the iTunes link below each album.

LeCompt (Self Titled) (1992)

Released on Quarry Records, LeCompt's Self Titled album features 6 classic tracks including fan favorite, "Gypsy Heart." Physical copies are sold out, but all tracks can be downloaded digitally.

Track Listing
  1. All The Days Gone By
  2. Here Comes Trouble
  3. Gypsy Heart
  4. Love is Lethal
  5. Walkin' Away
  6. S.S.C.P.

Unplugged (1995)

Recorded live at Sweeney's on 1/8/95. Click here to check out video footage from the night of this recording!

Track Listing
  1. Gypsy Heart
  2. Caution to the Wind
  3. Stranded
  4. Just Like You
  5. One Last Tear
  6. Why Don't You Leave
  7. Love is Lethal
  8. Walkin' Away
  9. How Many Friends (The Who)
  10. S.S.C.P.

Where You Should Be (1998)

Featuring Johnny Dee on Drums, Jimmy Marchiano on Guitar and Billy Childs on Bass.

Track Listing
  1. Where You Should Be
  2. I Believe (All I Need)

Can't Let it Go (2002)

LeCompt's 2002 Release, "Can’t Let it Go," reflects Lecompt in a different way. Subtle and down to earth, "Can't Let it Go" is highly relatable and enjoyable throughout.

Track Listing
  1. Can't Let it Go
  2. Louisiana Wind
  3. Saint Martin's River
  4. How Long

Christmas All Over the World (Single) (2015)

The crowd favorite Christmas Song!

Track Listing
  1. Christmas All Over the World